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12 Men in a Drama

   I’m a bit snarky today. A lot happened this week, and in the end it left me both depressed and infuriated. To lighten my mood a bit, I started to watch 12 Men in a Year again, since there … Continue reading

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Alien Sector 7

   A movie about a group of people in a closed environment fighting with some monster. No, not Alien this time. But the concept looks dangerously close.  It’s about a group of people… oh wait, I wrote that. One more … Continue reading

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2010 SBS Drama Awards

It was obvious Mrs. Ko Hyeonjeong will win. Among younger actresses there is Kim Hyesun and her. And I’m happy for Life Is Beautiful, and Song Chang-eui. What else? No Minwu getting New Star Award… hmm… Not convinced at all. … Continue reading

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Secret Garden Cast Interview

      Oh my, such a long hiatus. Trust me, not from my own fault. I threw a hell here to get my connection with the world, and I’m honing my claws for those who come on Monday to establish … Continue reading

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King of the Sparkle Strikes Back!

   Latest fashion display of Yucheon just killed me, so I have to turn to something more appropriate. Well, considering tracksuit as appropriate, you may imagine my horror. Anyway, if only Hyun Bin wasn’t that starved… He would be even … Continue reading

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