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Immortal Song 2 miraculous update

   Miraculous because one little gem reappeared. On October 20th, Immortal Song 2 featured Ryeowook’s appearance, and if you are still unfamiliar with my close-to-obssession state over this crystal ball of talent, well, you haven’t been reading my spazz for … Continue reading

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Music for a new week

   Some songs are known but in new versions (Immortal Song 2 strikes back!), some are purely insane. Did I or did I not make a review on Ulala Session’s album? Cause they’re bunch of insanely talented freaks (and they … Continue reading

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Kim Seonggyu on IS 2

   Well, the song didn’t allow him to fully show the voice, but damn… damn, boy.Korea is abundant with talents, and not only “good ol’ ones” but they pop up every few years. No, not every year.I’m happy Immortal Song … Continue reading

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Oh music music

   My weekly ritual – Melon and Bugs charts. Usually it ends up with puking and cringing, but sometimes I have fun with the lists. Sometimes I find nice songs (Epitone Project!!). Sometimes sad, painful songs catch my attention, yet … Continue reading

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2011 in Kpop^^

Picture from here. “It’s best to be ruthless with the past.” (Stephen King, Rose Madder)    I wanted to write this much earlier, but somehow other things came in a way and I postponed this until now. This is a … Continue reading

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Immortal Song 2 special

   For a moment show got relevant again. And next week – Jay Park, so I’ll skip this one. I have to say one thing – IS 2 did great to Wuhyeon (not his health, I bet), he is more … Continue reading

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IS 2 stars

This time, MV by Ali and song by Hong Kyung Min.Have a nice listening^^ Here: Ali:   Hong Kyung Min (홍경민) – 내가 사는 이유 (I Am Alive OST):   Enjoy!

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