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Lost in Translation

   Since I ordered myself some break, I will now, good readers, mention a bit what I’m doing every day. No, not shufflin’. Tranlatin’. It’s not as visually catchy (although not new, MJ had this 20 years ago, but some … Continue reading

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The funniest thing that happened during that conference? A guy who took upon himself the role of Ockham’s Razor and said that it’s pointless to do any research for something that doesn’t exist. OK, I don’t believe in demons either, … Continue reading

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Personal Demons (?)

   Nah, nothing like that, I don’t have much from my past that may haunt me. No dead dogs… OK, a dead cat, my first one, I loved her and I watched her die. The truth is, there are some … Continue reading

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Nouryoku Shiken

We all know this year the exam will be different. What’s the difference? 5 levels instead of 4, with N-3 as the most difficult. It is something between old 2 and 3. Hence here the difficulty lies.For everyone who wants … Continue reading

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Asian Fashion

Hm, don’t get me wrong, I admire the boldness of Asian fashion (Japanese and Korean, I know nothing on Chinese one, sorry), but the latest trends especially in men’s clothes just make me wonder: who are they designed for? And … Continue reading

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             Fox in Europe serves as an example of shrewdness and cunning, nothing more can be stated on this animal except for that. On the other hand fox in Japan, and also in Korea, is an animal … Continue reading

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Asian MV: light years ahead

Now, when I think of it, I have to admit one thing: I may not be a big fan of Asian pop music (which I am btw), but their MVs are simply beyond everyone’s else. Example? Luna Sea: Gravity. This … Continue reading

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