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Dramas Keep Fallin’ On My Head…

… But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ redCryin’s not for me‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the dramas by complainin’Because I’m freeNothin’s worryin’ me… Nothing would be surprising IF I didn’t have 4 articles waiting and a … Continue reading

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I’m So Furious, Yeah

           Well, actually not that much but… In days like this what a girl wants is just some drama to make her life brighter or at least bearable. Sadly as for Kdrama, nothing makes me thrilled. It might … Continue reading

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Nightmares domino

It’s always like this, when one bad thing happens, it always causes other bad things to follow (I almost wrote “bed”, ekhemm). I know I’m beating the dead horse, cause the news are all over the place at least for … Continue reading

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Shin Ha Kyun in: M To M – 사랑이 죄겠니 (Harvest Villa OST)

       As I said, Shin Ha Kyun amazes me in Harvest Villa. Today it not aired, I’m afraid it’s because of low ratings. Aired, aired, be relieved^^. Those damn ratings. It can ruin everything. You’re Beautiful was planned as … Continue reading

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More… jdrama?

OK, as my obsession is growing, I’m going to post more links to jdrama torrents. First, Smile (2009). I can’t actually say anything yes, since today I’ve just seen first episode. I haven’t read the reviews ( I trust only … Continue reading

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Ekhem… jdrama

Yes, I arrived in a place so desolated that I have to find something to entertain myself, and since it bothered me for some time, I have to vent. So I’ll write this and leave, preparing myself for tomorrow. Eh, … Continue reading

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