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SM’s lawyers applied for arbitration on July 11

All that is written below is NOT mine. *Arbitration in Korea may defer to your own country’s law system, so it’d be great if you could  accept as it says and try not to compare/adjust with your law system. Arbitration … Continue reading

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Fans’ culture…

… according to KBS. Oh yes, we know KBS is in the middle of banning JYJ and war, so obviously they couldn’t mention any sasaeng situation. According to their raport (it has eng subs, watch it before they take it … Continue reading

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Junsu… not this time

   Since both albums were released fairly close, I waited to combine both of them in one post. First thing first – where is my copy of Infinitize?? I need that! Now, something more substantial. Oh, and just to warn … Continue reading

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Military Chun

   JYJ’s Park Yu-chun received a class four physical disability rating from a medical examination at the Military Manpower Administration, which means he will undertake his conscription service as a reserve conscript, most likely working as a public service worker. … Continue reading

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Kim Junsu is perfect flawless human

May will be such a hard month…But I wish they’d leave his hair for now, and he should eat more, pabo. A rep from C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of Kim Junsu’s management, told enews on April 19, “17,000 … Continue reading

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Junsu to release first solo

And this is why I badly need another job.  Whatever, I just need this. I neeed!Now, Jonghyeon solo and my life will be complete. Korean idol Kim Junsu of trio JYJ will release his first full-length solo album next month, … Continue reading

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When an autograph isn’t enough

   JoongAngIlbo made an article on sasaengs. And it’s creepy and hair-raising, but I’m happy media are finally realizing those are not normal fans but freaking psychos that need treatment. Read below. Here: Despite it being the early morning hours … Continue reading

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Some news

I rarely was this busy. I went to my parents’ for Easter, came back, and slept 4 hours a day to catch up with everything and it’s still not done. Yup, with Kpop in the background because it’s so erotic … Continue reading

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JYJ about recent situation

I’m not sure if it’s they that should be apologizing right now. Oh, sorry for being famous and having to suffer because of sasaengs’ mental problems. But well, in Korea they apologize for everything (having girlfriend ie.) so…Good they did … Continue reading

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‘JYJ assault controversy’… The media and Sasaeng fans’s violence?

From JYJ3: “Jaejoong oppa, you’re taking a photograph now, right?”Sasaeng fans were persistent and swift. Without a doubt, ‘sasaeng fans’ caught up with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong during his interview with ‘Oh My Star’ last summer. That day, two females in … Continue reading

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