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K-entertainment Part 1

   This is something I have been planning to do for some time. A weekend round-up of whatever weird, shocking or funny happened in K-industry. I don’t plan to write it with something up my nice we-know-what, but in a … Continue reading

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New Standards of Fair Trade Commission – KBS

   Is this a first step to a normalization of this insane and sick situation we have in entertainment? Let’s hope so, but let’s hope it won’t have a backlash even worse than situation nowadays.Also, if it wasn’t for the … Continue reading

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It takes a man to kill gumiho

If they don’t get “Best Couple Award” of 2012 I don’t know who will. But I will forgive you.    I dare say that The Thousandth Man is one of those little gems that pass below the public attention because … Continue reading

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The grim reality behind the rise of the entertainment market

   We know BTS (behind the scenes) in K-entertainment are ruthless. We know what kind of treatment actors/singers have to put up with. There are no Unions there, and one may only hope there will be a day when such … Continue reading

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Sherlock Netizens

source of pic    I’ve written it so many times now – Korean journalism is a crap, I made few separated posts about the level of professionalism on Nate articles even. And I guess I wasn’t that far from guessing … Continue reading

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Fans’ culture…

… according to KBS. Oh yes, we know KBS is in the middle of banning JYJ and war, so obviously they couldn’t mention any sasaeng situation. According to their raport (it has eng subs, watch it before they take it … Continue reading

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Hallyu future?

We’ve been saying this for some time now. K-entertainment needs a change, dramas need new ideas (main station dramas, somehow cable is doing just fine), Kpop needs new visuals. I’m not saying every drama should look from now on like … Continue reading

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