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Sharkey Updates

       Seeing Namgil-nim being called ajusshi is not the reality I wanted, to be perfectly frank. That makes me ajumma and I refuse to be one. I’m a kickass nuna, thankyouverymuch.      I thought I may share few resources … Continue reading

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Kim Namgil photobook

   Some of these pics of a Korean actor are taken from Japanese release scanned by Chinese website and attached on Taiwan fanclub’s website. Ah, the cooperation! See, all those countries can live in peace and harmony, just throw them … Continue reading

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I’m Not Gonna Bite You…

… unless you wanted me to. Do you you want me to bite you? Is that what you’re trying to tell me? (quote after: Shark). After weeks of yes-no drama-llama plot device in practical use, we got confirmation that Kim … Continue reading

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Spring in Dramaland

 If anyone has allergy to Kpollen, well, annoying times approach. You better have your meds and tissues. Last season was somehow dry for Kdrama. I dropped almost all dramas that started airing last year or at the beginning of this … Continue reading

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Some March Sonnet

Appreciation post of the glory that graces this blog and has Birthday today. Using Shakespeare’s Sonnet Nr 26. Lord of my love, to whom in vassalage Thy merit hath my duty strongly knit, To thee I send this written embassage, … Continue reading

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Kim Namgil between snacks

   Well, it’s not my first time when I realize I live in a horribly wrong place among so many others. Some recent pictures of Kim Namgil-nim. Better be prepared for a perfection that graces your unworthy and peasant screens. … Continue reading

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January music

       Those who stalk me here or there know I have some unhealthy obssession with (very) few voices. I need familiarity (is this a word?) when I’m working on something and I don’t want to focus on new sounds … Continue reading

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