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Short music news

   I’m not doing a proper review. I never did. Lately I’ve been reading some books and articles on structure, anthropology and culture of popculture (focusing on music, damn I’m rhyming) so I know I’m not a proper critic. However … Continue reading

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Immortal Song 2 miraculous update

   Miraculous because one little gem reappeared. On October 20th, Immortal Song 2 featured Ryeowook’s appearance, and if you are still unfamiliar with my close-to-obssession state over this crystal ball of talent, well, you haven’t been reading my spazz for … Continue reading

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Gentleman’s Dignity OST

There is a small misunderstanding. Some deaf users around are writing that when hearing this song in this drama, they thought it was Jonghyeon. I really like Kim Taewu, but to confuse those two gentlemen (erhm… one is flairing up … Continue reading

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