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Korean Shamanism

   <!–[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]–>    I know, the article is long overdue, and because of some problems and deadlines hanging above me like sword of Damocles, it’s also not that long. One thing needs to be stressed out before … Continue reading

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Eh, Asia Asia…

   Yasukuni is not a typical shrine. Well, in terms of architecture – it’s like every shinto shrine of the mixed, later type, nothing outstanding. But Yasukuni is now a symbol of Japanese neverending nationalism. I’m having a ball these … Continue reading

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Friends and Foes

   George Michael sang in Star People 97: “It’s a dream with a nightmare stuck in the middle” and this one sentence perfectly describes the latest mess in Gaksital. I want to say it loud and clear – I don’t … Continue reading

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Japanese Minotaur

   What do we remember about Minotaur myth? Minos, in order to get Poseidon’s support in wars, pledged to sacrifice a splendid white bull to the god in case he wins. Poseidon helped, but the King decided to keep the … Continue reading

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Non-ending Asian War

Picture from KoreaBang        History is a tricky little bastard. European people en masse don’t care what happened outside of the continent border, hell, they don’t even care what happened inside. And I’m saying this as a fellow European … Continue reading

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Gaksital annoys k-netizens

You know I don’t hold 95% of netizens in high esteem anyway, but what lately was provided by Hancinema article is just plain idiocy at its finest. First, the article and my ramblings later. The appearance of Kimigayo and the … Continue reading

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King Gongmin

Tombs of King Gongmin and his wife, Queen Noguk in Gaesong, N. Korea. Picture from here    Since the new drama is approaching and the action takes place during the last, tumultous years of Goryeo Dynasty, it’s time to introduce … Continue reading

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