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Ju Jihun’s update

       I’m mostly off these days, and instead of getting my blood boiling with K-entertainment, I have my blood boiling because of Olympics. But still, I cannot let myself stay behind, so I’m reading here and there (between volleyball … Continue reading

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Ju Jihun is a (moron) King

   It’s funny to see Kdramas as the reason of poor netizens’ pride being hurt, yet trying to do something more competitive and awesome than usual sappy comedies. And on the other hand we have movies that can ridicule even … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m a pretty flower!

     Physical transformation of an actor is a normal thing in a movie world. Let’s just mention Russell Crowe, Christian Bale or Charlize Theron. In a normal world of fans such transformation meets either with praise or disbelief (some concern … Continue reading

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Baeksang Popularity Awards

It has been decided, as the voting was counted from netizens’ side.I barely make any sense, sorry. And it’s not because of some extatic material that is below, no, but because of overreading lately. And forgive me, I’m lazy, I … Continue reading

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48th Baeksang Awards

   No, the ceremony will be held in April, but I started to stalk their website (link courtesy of KingKong Ent), and I came accross “popularity” part. Voting is from 3 parties: websites like Nate, Olleh, phone calls, and android … Continue reading

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A bad drama

   The worst drama-llama is always, always the one connected with real life. Taking a break from seonggol and jingol, I just have to vent my frustration. No, not The Diva, although second teaser is already out for Love (b)Rain. … Continue reading

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Arrow – the pointy thing

The road to Rivendell is… oh no, wait, wrong story.    Weirdly enough, this movie’s title is simply “Bow” that evolved into Arrow – The Ultimate Weapon. Don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea. There is also another … Continue reading

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