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Jeondeung Temple

  I came accross one article about the Annals of Joseon stored inside this temple complex while I was looking something more on historical accounts kept in Korea. Thankfully, 1181 volumes kept in the Jeondeung-sa on Ganghwa Island remain undamaged. … Continue reading

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New Movies – info and trailers

   While waiting for Ahjusshi, and Recipe, some other movies to look forward to, hopefully. Sometimes when I start a movie, I can’t believe it is made by the same nation as dramas. Korean movies are the epitome of freedom, … Continue reading

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Upcoming movies

How do I put this. A gay movie. Not my fault that lately everything started to revolve around this. The Life Is Beautiful-gate hasn’t ended yet. Damn, if they marry in this drama, I guess actors will be crucified. Crap, … Continue reading

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Autumn thoughts

   So it came to this, we’ve been called homophobic on DA. If anyone gives a damn, please read this blog. Please read my posts on D-A, not just random ones gathered from the past 2 weeks, in one thread, … Continue reading

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Noron and Soron

We are hearing this in SKKS a lot, and the tension between Jaeshin and Seonjun is based on this division. Well, Jaeshin added lately another reason to hate the stone Seonjun, heh. During the reign of King Injo, two political … Continue reading

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More manly voices

   No, no Mr. Hong Kwangho this time, but I found few other videos of that enchanting gentleman and I will present it in a short time^^… First, Kim Dongwuk. We were talking with Peggy on D-A about some singers … Continue reading

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Singing Actors, Acting Singers

   As we all know, poor me is on the drama/movie shortage for the next 2 years. Iggi is slowly coming to me, so tomorrow I will probably pass out, but I can count on no more than 2 movies … Continue reading

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