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K-entertainment part 3

   Three days’ absence from Kpop crazy world equals to a month in a normal world. A lot happened, to be honest, and the funniest thing happened around my writing the previous round-up. So here we go.  The numbers are … Continue reading

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Cause you gotta have "Faith"

   George Michael sang this in 1987, long before it was cool to accuse this-and-this drama of stealing ideas. I could stay still, but since my bitchy nature is more prevalent – I’m writing. Some birdbrained fans are writing their … Continue reading

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Adopt me!

Uhm. OK, after crawling back from gutter, I’m there yet again… Full resolution of pics, and some others that didn’t interest me are here under that link. The campaign is called Love Letter Campaign and targets the adoption of abandoned … Continue reading

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Celebrity is dating.

    “Omg, oh noez, mah fangirl heart will explode with anger!! How could he done this to me??” That was few months back, with Jonghyeon case, poor idiot admitted he was dating and pics of him embracing his then-girlfriend created … Continue reading

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Lee Minho – way to go!

According to hancinema: International actress Jeon Do-yeon chose Lee Min-ho as the one she wants to act with the most. MBC “Section TV” showed Jeon Do-yeon talking about the many ‘love calls’ she received from other actors. Recently Lee Byeong-Heon … Continue reading

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City Hunter for pics

  Why yes, I’m on some posting spree, why you ask? Iz dat bad? (note to self: too much canIhascheezburger, way too much). I couldn’t care less if CH follows tha manga or doesn’t, phy! First – I love the … Continue reading

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City Hunter

Well… I wouldn’t run that fast if I met such hunter… Oh damn… wrong post. I thought about the next one I gathered pics and had to come back to life. Ekhem. City Hunter starts next week. And since I … Continue reading

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