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Introduction to Wreck-the-Fanfic Project

I have never really understood the appeal of fanfics (fan-fictions). If someone wants to write, or feels the genius inside telling her (or him but rarely) to write, what’s the big deal of writing your own story? For me, fanfics … Continue reading

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Japanese literature for dummies Part 2

   Previously we took a closer look into hedonistic lives of high aristocracy of Heian who spent their lives devoted to pursuing pleasures and honing the literary skills (real or imagined). In other words – Part 1. The very same … Continue reading

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Japanese literature for dummies Part 1

   A short introduction to Japanese Literature. Otherwise known as You’re-Not-Japanese-So-You-Won’t-Understand. It’s really short, because there’s absolutely no use in writing elaborated post on something that is highly personal. Books are personal, same as music. I may like something, but … Continue reading

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I was wondering lately why so many people try to publish something they wrote. In my country there is a bitter joke about it. It says: “We have 300 thousands of poets and twice as much writers”. I think it … Continue reading

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