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Hong Kwangho news

I admit, Miss Saigon is not my favorite musical. Or was. Now it is! Following people who don’t tweet for half a year was a good choice afterall. The news are here: Kwang-Ho Hong joins the previously announced Jon Jon … Continue reading

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Monstar spazz

     I prayed for music drama and music drama I got. Music drama with singing, dancing, stages! I pinned my hopes on What’s Up! back then but in overall, on music level it disappointed me. Both Monstar and Mnet … Continue reading

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7th ‘Musical Awards’ Korea

   Looks like Rebecca won all major awards. Oh well, apart from Les Miserables, it had no real competition. I’m happy to see La Cage Aux Folles won Choreography Award though. Here’s the list: Best Musical : Les Miserables  Best … Continue reading

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Musical La Cage

   Korea is a strange country. The gay population is (est.) 0%, foreigners are the source of abysmal depravation, yet the best musicals are precisely about those issues that can’t be expressed  directly. It may be there are few reasons … Continue reading

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Mr. Hong Kwangho

   Bow down peasants before the walking glory of musical world. I’m already down there on the floor. Sorry to all Park Euntae fangirls 😛 I found this video and it’s been on replay (stop, Jjong!!) since 8 pm.  

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Some musicals

Musicals’ cuts, to be precise. Don’t like musicals, don’t look under the tag. But first… damn you, Shakespeare!! I gave myself a few minutes’ break from creating an ultimately difficult exam and I visited tumblr (why oh why!), as usual, … Continue reading

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6th Korean Musical Awards

   Man, even such a weak musical like Zorro was mentioned. I watched some cuts and I read reviews, very lukewarm reviews. Official website doesn’t co-operate with me (~so gooodbye don’t cry aaand smiiile~), I can’t present the full list … Continue reading

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