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Mistaken identity

Learn the difference.       I’ve been planning to write on this topic for a long, long time. Somehow other things got in a way and this was postponed. Finally, I had some time to spare and collect my (scarce) … Continue reading

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In case anyone is watching Japan TV

キム・ナムギル映画初主演作。 美しく激しい男性同士の愛の形! 放送開始日: 2010年09月11日 放送日: 9月11日(土)15:00~ 再放送日: 9月20日(月)18:30~ 日本語字幕版DATV 提供元: ©DCGPlus  And that would be all. I should start to laugh here as a troglodyte, but I will not. Consider this a gift of civilization from me. But they could … Continue reading

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Korean new movies ^^

First, the one I’ve been anticipating the most for few months already. Because of the director and because of one of the cast. Those who know who they are don’t need further explanation. Those who don’t: No Regret (2006). Judging … Continue reading

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