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Is This Summer?

   Before we dive into some new/not new music, please remember the awesomest ever movie Three Musketeers (1973) and the scene when d’Artagnan had to sell his “horse”. Now read the title along the old man’s intonation. You get the … Continue reading

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Santa’s music

   Right now I have some break between classes so not to waste time, I decided to write few words about music. I listen to tons of music, good, better, great and… well, less good. But I listen no matter … Continue reading

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Casker & Fanny Fink

   Pastel Music is long gone, but Casker and Fanny Fink collaborated on this.So a small, Pastel Music remembrance post^^ See? I listen to other genres than only Jonghyeon and Tei.OK, that’s not any achievement… Casker: Fanny Fink: Enjoy^^

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