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Dystopian "Utopia"

   And this picture above would be actually everything non-disturbing, that can be presented from Utopia. Places and scenery are beautifully shot, with vivid, lush colors which sometimes can make you dizzy. But colors are not the main problem here. … Continue reading

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Media and Condemnation by Memory in the Internet Age

 There was a good article appearing in Korea Focus, dealing with recent scandal in Korea on top levels. This is why I think it’s worthwhile to read a lot of words. There are many ways to silence or erase from … Continue reading

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March 1st Commemorative Speech by President

<!–[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]–> Let’s be frank, Lady President has a tough, chaotic and quite crazy country to lead.  If you wonder what March 1st Movement is – I wrote about that here. Fellow Koreans, seven million compatriots overseas and … Continue reading

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Post-Psy: Quo Vadis, Brand Korea?

 There is a quite good reason why Korea will always have the troubles to promote itself. Factions. It is still prevalent factor to country’s inability to promote its cultural heritage as aggressively and wide as all the neighbours. There is … Continue reading

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In a year of big elections, Japan’s was Godzilla

   I have quite an obssession with Japan, spanning through over half of my life. Obssession swinging from delight to absolute hatred. Last Sunday I spent 8 straight hours glued to the main page of following the voting. Although … Continue reading

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Korea’s New President

   I swear, I was never much interested in politics, until Far East Asia came. Asian politics are quite different from usual, western one and after some bewilderment and shock, I came to one conclusion, similar to the one Indiana … Continue reading

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Marry in a hurry

Picture from here.    Usually it’s a shotgun marriage leading to home disputes, fights and bloody divorce. Marriage between music and politics. Whenever politics is involved in art (be it music, literature or movies) the art ceases to retain its … Continue reading

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SM’s lawyers applied for arbitration on July 11

All that is written below is NOT mine. *Arbitration in Korea may defer to your own country’s law system, so it’d be great if you could  accept as it says and try not to compare/adjust with your law system. Arbitration … Continue reading

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South Korean dictator’s daughter to launch presidential bid

   Found this interesting article on Reuters and I thought it would be good to share it. The lady is pretty impressive, and even if I don’t believe she can win in such a country like Korea, it would be … Continue reading

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Short notice

   As a committed blogger, I want to say few words on this war that started yesterday, few minutes past 9 pm local time. SOPA law is not effective yet, but they took down Megaupload and few other filesharing sites. … Continue reading

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