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SM’s lawyers applied for arbitration on July 11

All that is written below is NOT mine. *Arbitration in Korea may defer to your own country’s law system, so it’d be great if you could  accept as it says and try not to compare/adjust with your law system. Arbitration … Continue reading

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South Korean dictator’s daughter to launch presidential bid

   Found this interesting article on Reuters and I thought it would be good to share it. The lady is pretty impressive, and even if I don’t believe she can win in such a country like Korea, it would be … Continue reading

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Short notice

   As a committed blogger, I want to say few words on this war that started yesterday, few minutes past 9 pm local time. SOPA law is not effective yet, but they took down Megaupload and few other filesharing sites. … Continue reading

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Molotov cocktails in Seoul

A Chinese man, who claimed his grandmother was a “comfort woman” forced into sexual slavery by Japan’s military, hurled four Molotov cocktails at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul early Sunday morning.The 36-year-old Lui, was apprehended at the scene after throwing … Continue reading

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Comfort Women new law

State should try to solve ‘comfort women’ issueThe Constitutional Court made a landmark ruling on Tuesday that it is the government’s duty to settle disputes over Japan’s refusal to compensate former “comfort women.” The decision carries significant implications as the … Continue reading

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Dokdo again

Two articles from editorial column from JoongAngIlbo. Guide Japan to Dokdo Four Japanese lawmakers from the opposition Liberal Democratic Party announced that they will visit Ulleung Island to protest Korea’s claim over the Dokdo islets, which lies 87 kilometers (54 … Continue reading

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ASEAN focused on territory

The disputed territory in the Spratlys, a chain of islets in the South China Sea. Photo: AFP   Article from JoongAngIlbo. Japan really should stop acting like a kid who snatched some other kid’s toy and after it being taken … Continue reading

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