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Mistaken identity

Learn the difference.       I’ve been planning to write on this topic for a long, long time. Somehow other things got in a way and this was postponed. Finally, I had some time to spare and collect my (scarce) … Continue reading

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Ban-ready dramas

Dear Commission for Pissing Off Normal Viewers! I prepared the list (with help of some readers here) of dramas, that your board may take under the consideration of banning. And when you’re on it, ban peppero sticks (phallic symbols), ice-creams … Continue reading

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Kim Namgil interview

   It’s not new, of kors, so don’t panic. The man is still in the military, but as I was cleaning my folder with various flv vids, I found this one, so I thought I’d share it as well. It’s … Continue reading

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Warrior Baek Dongsu

       I’m after only two episodes (too much drama to watch, and other stuff, no time!), but after rough start with me in episode 1, episode 2 convinced me. There is a lot more fight scenes in here comparing … Continue reading

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Some ramblings

   Before I vanish again into the stuff I have to do for yesterday, I want to express my sincere hateful love for Life Is Beautiful drama. I have never thought any drama longer than 20 at most (yes, Goong … Continue reading

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Queen Seondeok – Who is Who

            To all: this is my own, private take on this drama, written after re-watches (OK, truthfully, from 21st episode, mehehe), so it includes my own personal feelings, and I do not care about opinions of others. This way, you … Continue reading

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Kim Nam Gil interview

Quite new^^.The whole interview is here:Interview with KNG: 2010-06-16But since I’m not that interested in Kim Jae Wook, I won’t quote.For those who are, just follow the link. Interview is in English.The interview itself is from June 14. Two men … Continue reading

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