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When A Drama Flashes Abs

  Little did I expect from #WhenAManShowsHisAbs that is When a Man Loves To Show His Abs except for abs, and abs I got. I don’t even know what’s going on with the plot. OK, I get the basis, like … Continue reading

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Kdrama paranoia

   Last seasons we’ve been having same pattern repeating in few dramas, or motif, some similar line and elements. As I said, I don’t mind same plot-line, because every drama offers a different approach to the same topic. But looks … Continue reading

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Spring in Dramaland

 If anyone has allergy to Kpollen, well, annoying times approach. You better have your meds and tissues. Last season was somehow dry for Kdrama. I dropped almost all dramas that started airing last year or at the beginning of this … Continue reading

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Sageuk slump

   By sageuk I mean also to include daeha. It may be only my biased view but lately there is a significant slump in period drama production and those that are made, somehow fail to deliver. Last year there was … Continue reading

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Where politics meet magic

   Out of frustration that I’m unable to finish what I’m writing, lack of time to do it and lack of sugar in my blood, I decided to write some of my (hardly any) thoughts on drama that lately became … Continue reading

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Wow, Fantastic Baby!

   This is all I have to say about this season’s dramas. Of course not everything is perfect, they could have been even more meticulously done, but it’s not like we’re watching documentary series, right? If someone wants to see … Continue reading

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Queen In-hyeon’s Man again

   tvN uploaded an official video called actually Parody MV – Kim Byungdo-ache. Oh, you know about them nomenclature in kdrama world. Character name+ache, as if it was some maladie. Maybe it is, because QIHM is reaching peaks of insane … Continue reading

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Queen In-hyun’s Man

   Since my friends are evil and without any mercy, plus, they’re good at teasing, I started to watch this drama. No, no drama, series. Yet again, tvN proves it can make visually great series. Yet again I proved to … Continue reading

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Deep Rooted Tree

  Sageuk, sageuk everywhere! After the first episode I know who Suyang takes after. The first episode was very fast, and it’s not a rule in a period drama, usually it starts slow and needs 4-6 episodes to fully bloom. … Continue reading

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The Princess’ Man

   Each and every one of us needs sometimes cathartic story. This is why Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet will never grow old. Now less and less people read it, saying: “Oh, it’s so boring! They behave not like us! It’s … Continue reading

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