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Queen In-hyun’s Man

   Since my friends are evil and without any mercy, plus, they’re good at teasing, I started to watch this drama. No, no drama, series. Yet again, tvN proves it can make visually great series. Yet again I proved to … Continue reading

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Deep Rooted Tree

  Sageuk, sageuk everywhere! After the first episode I know who Suyang takes after. The first episode was very fast, and it’s not a rule in a period drama, usually it starts slow and needs 4-6 episodes to fully bloom. … Continue reading

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The Princess’ Man

   Each and every one of us needs sometimes cathartic story. This is why Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet will never grow old. Now less and less people read it, saying: “Oh, it’s so boring! They behave not like us! It’s … Continue reading

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Korean Royal Family

   I guess everyone who watches sageuk or taeha is more or less familiar with such words like seja, gongju, mama, jeonha. But in any case, a list of such terms may be useful. Inside the palace complex, names were … Continue reading

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Warrior Baek Dongsu

       I’m after only two episodes (too much drama to watch, and other stuff, no time!), but after rough start with me in episode 1, episode 2 convinced me. There is a lot more fight scenes in here comparing … Continue reading

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The Princess’ *Why-Not-My* Man stills

Oh, a glorious days of spamming the blog with pics are back! Waiting patiently for June 24th (Namgil-nim in public) and for more hype for this drama.Update: added2 more pics. First stills:

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General Gyebaek

   The drama is scheduled to air after Ripley will finish its run, that is on Monday/Tuesday timeslot. It is supposed to have 32 episodes. Tentatively title is Gyebaek. Gyebaek was a general in 7th century in the kingdom of … Continue reading

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