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The First Stalker

   During my latest research in the topic of connection between plants and blood, I came across a nice legend, explaining how the race of Stalkers was born. Don’t let me be misunderstood, the ancient Greeks gave us philosophy (blergh) … Continue reading

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Yucheon’s sasaengs strike again

The article is below. We have to hate sasaengs, we really do, our Lord and Savior, that is Heechul, closed his account on Twitter. World is coming to an end… The Shocking Brutality Of JYJ Yoochun’s “Sasaeng” Fans. Sasaeng fans … Continue reading

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When an autograph isn’t enough

   JoongAngIlbo made an article on sasaengs. And it’s creepy and hair-raising, but I’m happy media are finally realizing those are not normal fans but freaking psychos that need treatment. Read below. Here: Despite it being the early morning hours … Continue reading

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From me to you^^

   Last week was very busy in K-Entertainment. SMEnt finally revealed they will debut their EXO group, which is famous for 75654 billions of teasers starting from December, or even earlier. Don’t care much for the group. And Princess got … Continue reading

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