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2012 in Kpop

From here    Last year I prepared my first post summing up the whole 2011 in broadly perceived Kpop funky land. This time – 2012 in a perspective of one rarely serious idiot fangirl, that is me. Like it’s any … Continue reading

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"Double, double toil and trouble;

Manekineko wishes you all good year and invites you to cray cray world^^  … Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”    A post totally made for fun and with fun (or frustrations, whatever). While I’m slowly trudging through award shows (12 … Continue reading

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JYJ and SMEnt reach the agreement

  The world is surely going to end this year. Over three years of bitter feud came to an end, although it’s not actually the end of the whole issue.Someone in SMEnt got really tired of this, I think. Finally. … Continue reading

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K-entertainment Part 2

From some tumblr, don’t remember, but applies here.    Weekly round-up of whatever happened in K-ent and its fandom. I may be slightly out of touch, but as for me, nothing major happened. Our Lord and Saviour, that is Heechul … Continue reading

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SM Entertainment and the birth of the Hallyu

   There is a long stormy relationship between me and SMEnt. I fiercely hate some aspects of this particular construction, but some are still embossed in my heart and mind and I’m unable to let go, unwilling to let go. … Continue reading

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JYJ vs. SM Entertainment

Celestial Cat is judging yer peasant ass…    JYJ drama-llama episode 2625. Recapitulation of the previous episode: we were left with (another) cliffhanger suggesting that on September 13th the decision regarding the feud would be reached. In today’s episode, predictable … Continue reading

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KRY-ing so much^^

   OK, SMEnt, you earned few positive points today despite fanning my eternal flames of Fire That Will Devour The World (or something close to it). But this is the extent of me being nice, we have a war going … Continue reading

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Cliffs of Insanity

Wasting my life on tumblr has also its good sides.Translations of those tweets below: TiO representative tweets about SM and JYJ SM’s abuse in power is not even a true power for people such as myself who make ads or … Continue reading

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2012 – be good^^

   Alright, I’m back, fresh, with restored barrels of venom to use, with blades of wit so sharp they could shave The Diva’s head, cause legs are probably smoother than mine. I hope you were good kids, got lots of … Continue reading

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Lee Soo Man on his system of management

Uhm… so I should understand that SuJu are leftovers from DBSK? Oh my, hard to tell. Ekhem… We may like SMEnt or hate it, but truthfully, the founder if it has his business head on place. The fact his methods … Continue reading

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