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Sharkey Updates

       Seeing Namgil-nim being called ajusshi is not the reality I wanted, to be perfectly frank. That makes me ajumma and I refuse to be one. I’m a kickass nuna, thankyouverymuch.      I thought I may share few resources … Continue reading

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I’m Not Gonna Bite You…

… unless you wanted me to. Do you you want me to bite you? Is that what you’re trying to tell me? (quote after: Shark). After weeks of yes-no drama-llama plot device in practical use, we got confirmation that Kim … Continue reading

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Chilling Romance

   Before I unleash hell, some nice posts. My dear friend Ori wrote about that movie some time ago, and I was just waiting for a trailer. Trailer is out, and boy, this looks fun. I like Son Yejin, no, … Continue reading

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