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Nice Guy Posters

Fall dramas… Goddamnit. More official posters below, but Song is… Damn, I really hope he will become an awesome actor. Taken from KBS twitter.   Here:

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Nice Guy

   Oh, we know Song Junggi a.k.a. Ara’s petto can be nice. This drama – not exactly. That would be a revenge drama, and let’s hope a little bit more consistent that Bad Guy (I just have to mention that, … Continue reading

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Teh petto remains flawless

Oh, well, mainly for one of my unique friends who has special attachement to this boy^^ He doesn’t gutter me, but I highly approve of his actions. Here: Certified “umchina” Song Joong Ki is not only busy hosting his new … Continue reading

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Awards fashion^^

   Some guys should just be tortured for hiding their manly bodies under ridiculous outfits. Yes, furry coats also count! Pictures for all petto lovers, as well as some men, women and… Oh Jiho in his pants…But since I’m biased, … Continue reading

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Melon Awards

  I couldn’t describe that better. I would use more poison, though. It was one of the worst aw(kw)ard ceremonies I have ever witnessed, and I was partly embarassed while watching this. Article was found on Asiae, and as I … Continue reading

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Something against cold nights: Jalgeum 3 Inbang^^

   How to put it… Better bluntly: a gutter time, dear readers. A gutter totally biased, personal and unfair. Oh, by the way. I’m looking for some nice place to buy an apartment there. Preferably in the neighborhood of my … Continue reading

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MAMA: Mnet Asian Music Awards

  Our pretty gir… I mean boy, Song Junggi was hosting today’s event. Oh, busy, busy, yesterday he went to JYJ concert, today he did this. I hope this whole stress won’t affect his porcelain skin. And I have to … Continue reading

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