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Music update

   Actually there wasn’t any spectacular debut/comeback last few weeks, at least not for me, because I don’t listen to girl groups and I don’t care. Tei is going to the army next Tuesday, so my one-year-long waiting for his … Continue reading

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Tei & Handsome People’s comeback!! Kyaa!!

   I may not be the biggest fan of Handsome People (I know how weird that sounds), but hell – Tei’s comeback is a great news and worth stalking!! But what musicals they are talking about? I missed something? I … Continue reading

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Some news

I rarely was this busy. I went to my parents’ for Easter, came back, and slept 4 hours a day to catch up with everything and it’s still not done. Yup, with Kpop in the background because it’s so erotic … Continue reading

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Tei, again Tei

   I have few, unhealthy even, obsessions with voices, and Tei is one of them. I re-discovered his appearance on I’m a Singer from January, and last weekend was divided into this fabulous voice, some Jonghyeon (namely 7 Years of … Continue reading

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2011 in Kpop^^

Picture from here. “It’s best to be ruthless with the past.” (Stephen King, Rose Madder)    I wanted to write this much earlier, but somehow other things came in a way and I postponed this until now. This is a … Continue reading

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Ballad evening

   There are few voices that are especially cut to sing ballads. I mentioned Tei many times now, and even though I love his voice and his ballads are superb, his voice is of broader range. Since today is my … Continue reading

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Music shows fortune

Well, the fortune spent on them, to be precise. I have to occupy my mind with something, saw new SHINee boys pics and can’t concentrate… I caught up with all my dramas, I have no power or will to read … Continue reading

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