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2011 Dramas

   Not that last year was prolific with outstanding dramas. Bad thing – it wasn’t. I dropped more dramas than in previous years combined. Those years past I finished almost all dramas I started, but with Secret Garden last year … Continue reading

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Winter Dramas

Not the happiest person here when winter is mentioned, but what can I do? Make some cocoa and hope that more hawt men will be on screen.  I’m not joking when I complain about the winter here. I don’t have … Continue reading

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Supernatural in Kdrama

What is the first thing on our mind when we hear “supernatural”? Wizards? Magical powers? None of them belong, in fact, to the world of “supernatural” or “overnatural” as I prefer to call it. The difference is huge. “Supernatural” depicts … Continue reading

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Vampire Prosecutor

   I will be honest – I thought of ignoring that drama. Trailer was cheesy and I thought, well, I probably didn’t think at all. But, aren’t the vampires in the orbit of my research? Kind of Saturn orbit, but … Continue reading

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