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2011 Kdrama OSTs

   Bad thing is – there wasn’t any OST that I would buy in a heartbeat. There were some nice songs that fitted the drama, yet nothing as spectacular and powerful as, let’s say, Chuno OST or Revenge of Gumiho … Continue reading

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Idiot Baek Dongsu

Eh, happy first 4 episodes, I shall treasure you^^    It’s the first time I dropped a sageuk. I never did that before, I mustered all my willpower in the past and somehow went through all idiocies that always appear … Continue reading

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August dramas

   Right now I’m stuck with 6 dramas, and I pray some of them should end before September hits. Not the one that started last Saturday. It is scheduled for 50 episodes (kyaaing with happiness), but some will probably end. … Continue reading

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Idiot Baek Dongsu

   Oh well, I love this drama. Love it to bits. As every production it has flaws, but I’m a forgiving person as long as something keeps me entertained. I even love moron, cocky, king-of-the-world Dongsu. His attitude is damn … Continue reading

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Prince Sado

   OK, so I’m a little bit confused with the drama Warrior Baek Dongsu. I mean, I have problems with clash between description and reality of the drama. In overall, it is lovely, but I have problems with pinning the … Continue reading

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Warrior Baek Dongsu

       I’m after only two episodes (too much drama to watch, and other stuff, no time!), but after rough start with me in episode 1, episode 2 convinced me. There is a lot more fight scenes in here comparing … Continue reading

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