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K-entertainment part 3

   Three days’ absence from Kpop crazy world equals to a month in a normal world. A lot happened, to be honest, and the funniest thing happened around my writing the previous round-up. So here we go.  The numbers are … Continue reading

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K-entertainment Part 1

   This is something I have been planning to do for some time. A weekend round-up of whatever weird, shocking or funny happened in K-industry. I don’t plan to write it with something up my nice we-know-what, but in a … Continue reading

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Few cuts

  As promised, one is for all Won Bin, The Cree… ehm, the guy, and Jang Hyuk lovers out there. And there are two cuts of G-Love report and interview, woohoo!! Cuts are either for watching or downloading, I don’t … Continue reading

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Ajusshi – Man From Nowhere

Well, if Hell has an alternative name as Nowhere, in that case, everything is in place. During last Christmas I’ve seen this movie five times. To be honest – because I’m stupid and I can’t count. I thought I would … Continue reading

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8th Korea Film Awards

  And… yeah, Won Bin. Soon he will be charged I guess. Because he’s taking “too much care” of little Kim Saeron. Geez, people are so dumb. She starred along him in Ahjusshi, but if it were her parents always … Continue reading

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47th Daejong Awards

   As we all know a month ago So Jisub got the special one. On Friday, yesterday, the awards were handed. And as everyone predicted, Won Bin (yes, Aili!) got the award for the Most Popular Actor as well as … Continue reading

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Pusan International Film Festival

Asia’s most prestigious film event, the Pusan International Film Festival, opened Thursday night at the Suyoungman Yacht Marina in Korea’s city of Busan.This year international VIP guests include American filmmaker Oliver Stone who’s here to promote his new release “Wall … Continue reading

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