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Weapon of mass destruction

   In the previous post I gave links to 3 funny fancams. Two are of SuJu’s and one BB’s. And one doesn’t have to be a sociologist to predict a shitstorm that followed the last one, mostly so-called “clash of … Continue reading

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S. Korea ranks 108th in gender equality: WEF report

   I read WTF report, but when I read what kind of neighbours on the list Korea has, I probably stay with WTF. Not that it’s something new anyway. But before slamming, ebbrybody, better to remember that Korea is around … Continue reading

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Junsu blocked

   Grass is green, water is wet, nothing new. So this is what his tweets were about… Now all becomes clear. Which is kind of weird this comes from SBS, because I thought this is the broadcast that doesn’t give … Continue reading

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MBC and racial issue

       Again. Korean media have to catch up with world trends. However, I have to add one personal statement – I’m not a fan of an over-zealous political correctness. It’s plain dumb. It was best shown in one ep. … Continue reading

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New level of journalism

   I’ve said that so many times now – Nate has crappy articles. They have bad journalists. I’m not the Pullitzer candidate either but maybe, I hope, my sentences make sense. Or at least majority of them. Nate articles make … Continue reading

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Chunnie’s shekshi tape is not Chunnie?

   Yesterday the bomb was dropped, as JTBC news reported that ‘certain idol and actor’ is involved in sex-tape/pics/whatever scandal. Everyone assumed that it was our pack of sunshine a.k.a. Yucheon. Well, I bet it was him too from those … Continue reading

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Runaway wife cause of JYJ

This is really, really, really hilarious. A banner that was written in search of a wife who ran away from home because of the group JYJ has caused great laughter among the netizens. Recently, a post was uploaded onto a … Continue reading

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Asia Prince neglected

   See, there is a good reason why I can’t take Japanese seriously. I was never an avid fan of either manga or anime. The series I read/watched was mostly non shoujo, so I can’t really connect with all this … Continue reading

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Y U No sarang me, Oppa?

   I thought that not everyone follows me some places else, and this is too good to hide it. I found it on tumblr actually, but I bet it’s available everywhere connected to broadly understood Kpop fandom. Fangirls are scary, … Continue reading

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Short notice

   As a committed blogger, I want to say few words on this war that started yesterday, few minutes past 9 pm local time. SOPA law is not effective yet, but they took down Megaupload and few other filesharing sites. … Continue reading

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