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Blue Night Update 2

   Some people remember me doing similar thing when Namstar was appearing on Immortal Song 2. I guess I will be making a post once a week to present few songs from Jonghyeon’s Blue Night radio show. I have to … Continue reading

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Is This Summer?

   Before we dive into some new/not new music, please remember the awesomest ever movie Three Musketeers (1973) and the scene when d’Artagnan had to sell his “horse”. Now read the title along the old man’s intonation. You get the … Continue reading

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Another song

   Nice, terrifyingly sad song.  See, Kpop has also gems, this is why I’m stuck so much with it. Some of you (hey, ladies! especially you, Rokkugo^^) have probably enough of me and my stupid SuJu brainwash of you all, … Continue reading

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YB again!

Certain someone here will be happy^^Their title track I posted some time ago,  ㅋㅋㅋ…Oh well, double post won’t hurt anyone, mehehe. Here: The band YB released a mini album entitled “Blue Whale” which includes various music from different genres including … Continue reading

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Some songs

   Since What’s Up! finally arrived, maybe two videos. First – of course Lunatic by Daesung, and second – YB (some people will be happy they won an award lately at MAMA). Before I put those here, one small clarification. … Continue reading

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Korean Music – Part 1

Some websites of Korean Artists. When I have time (muahaha) I will make the same list of those Japanese Artists I actually listen to. Just to mention: I don’t listen to everything on the list below. Some of them, yes. … Continue reading

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