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Age of Feeling Overloaded

   Yes, the main winter drama is this terrible lack of snow. And then in the summer we will get a lot of bugs and I will have to buy another pair of slippers just to kill them. Yes, I … Continue reading

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We haz snow… and series!

     Finally, the winter arrived here and I’m sure I will hate it by the mid-March. Few new series started, few ended, some went on a hiatus. And since none of Fall/Winter Kdramas were doing it for me, I … Continue reading

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You Surely Can’t Be Serious!

I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.  So I’m back, disinterested in currently airing Kdramas as never before. After having a blast this past Spring, nothing actually caught my attention, not when Under The Dome started and got into … Continue reading

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Cruel Palace Off The Chest

   Except for Monstar this drama became the one I check the subs for the most often. We are after 26 episodes and drama is scheduled to 50, so that makes us sitting right in the middle of the events. … Continue reading

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Safe Little Home

   This post serves only one purpose – to apprehend the meaning of double standards that are so pervasive in the academic world, be it thorough research or casual critical thinking.  Problem lies in my own country’s scientific and cultural … Continue reading

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War of K-arrows

       Do you, fellow readers, remember those dark times when we waited a whole week or even more for subtitles? Some of you for sure, cause we’re old, ahahaha! With Hallyu sudden rise after 2010 we got a little … Continue reading

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Sageuk slump

   By sageuk I mean also to include daeha. It may be only my biased view but lately there is a significant slump in period drama production and those that are made, somehow fail to deliver. Last year there was … Continue reading

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Little update

   I’m not dead yet, today I’m really close to it, however. February is a horrible month for K-entertainment, one of the worsts in few years. And only SHINee shining comeback is actually the beam of light (well, a horrible … Continue reading

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On the drama table

   This year started in a bad way. I have never thought I could drop Park Shihu’s drama. Alas, I did. Worse – I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about this. There’s no going back, crawling and begging to give … Continue reading

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Annoyingly subjective kdrama post

from tumblr The reason why I started watching dramas is simple and somewhat shallow. I run out of the movies with Namgil-nim, so I decided on giving dramas a chance. It was My Lovely Kim Sam-soon and probably I’d missed … Continue reading

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