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Gong Hyojin – another interview

’I love [the public], but I don’t believe in them. Their love lasts about two months. So I always try to enjoy their love and prepare for the next chapter.’ Another good interview with Gong Hyojin. She expressed precisely what … Continue reading

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Mr. Cha again

But what can I do when I read any interview with this man. Highest respect, really. Hancinema is mah fwiend: Actor Cha Seung-won is a very thorough actor. His character as Dok Go-jin in the MBC drama “The Greatest Love” … Continue reading

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Gong Hyojin

 Interview with Gong Hyojin, and I must say I really like her attitude and the way she describes either feelings or actions.  She was a woman we envied so much the past few months. Goo Ae-jung of MBC TV series … Continue reading

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Acting Idol awards for the first half of 2011

It’s been a long time since I went to Allkpop, but hey, I can find there now some information, not just a whirlpool of hysteria! Still, nothing can force me to go to soompi. Unless they start on age ban. … Continue reading

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My wuuuv^^

According to Hancinema: It was later found out that Kim Nam-gil actually visited the shooting site of popular drama “The Greatest Love” that ended recently. A staff on site said, “Kim Nam-gil made a surprise visit to the last shooting … Continue reading

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Mr. Cha Seungwon interview

 Oh, I will miss the show. Truly. “You better feel honored that you got to see a drama like this!” Dokgo Jin of MBC TV series “The Greatest Love” shouted out at the end of the show’s last episode. So … Continue reading

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Drama Full Throttle

   Slowly catching up with all dramas (Twinkle Twinkle only lags behind, eh…) and I have to say – I have never had such season. Usually it was 2, 3 dramas at most at the same time. It’s all their … Continue reading

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