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World Best of TV 2012

   Four shows in total made it to the finals from South Korea. Including – our all-time favorite Seonggyungwan Scandal^^ Something optimistic after stormy, gloomy and disappointing (well, hello SHINee) first half of March. To just add, last year, Chuno … Continue reading

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Ban-ready dramas

Dear Commission for Pissing Off Normal Viewers! I prepared the list (with help of some readers here) of dramas, that your board may take under the consideration of banning. And when you’re on it, ban peppero sticks (phallic symbols), ice-creams … Continue reading

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Drama Festival

   Website of the event: Oh, and I find it funny how butthurt some fans can be. I wrote the comment that I don’t find Secret Garden all that good, and the reply I got was: “Sssh, go back … Continue reading

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38th Korea Broadcasting Awards

The most noticeable Awards are:Featured Drama – GiantShort Drama – Seonggyungwan ScandalPopular Radio Show – Cultwo Show (Radio)Popular TV Show – Happy Sunday 1 Night 2 Days segment.Mr. Cha Seungwon was also awarded.More than happy to see SKKS showered with … Continue reading

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2011 Seoul International Drama Awards

       Uhmm, not that I have anything against… Actually no, scratch that. I have a lot against some choices. But still, the fact it’s POPULARITY that was taken under the consideration, I have no other choice but scream my … Continue reading

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Seoul Drama Award 2011 nominees

       I voted last year and even though I cheated, Kim Namgil-nim didn’t win. Wonder whether… oh, wait, SKKS is on the list! So we meet again, conscience… and bye! Main Website I planned to do something contructive this … Continue reading

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   Ok, I’m not a big fan of this song, yes, it has nice lyrics, yes, Yucheon can sing, but his song for Miss Ripley is much, much better. But Chajatta won the first place in the The Seoul International … Continue reading

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