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Song Jihyo’s situation

   Uhm, allkpop is not that reliable source of news, but anyway… We all are probably aware of Song Jihyo’s recent hospitalisation and health problems. Apparently her manager opened up about horrendous environment in dramas. Sky is blue, ice is … Continue reading

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August dramas

   Right now I’m stuck with 6 dramas, and I pray some of them should end before September hits. Not the one that started last Saturday. It is scheduled for 50 episodes (kyaaing with happiness), but some will probably end. … Continue reading

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Historical background

   For upcoming drama Gyebaek. Those who watched last crappy episodes of Queen Seondeok probably know the places mentioned in this article. Because about those battles both Kim Yushin and hwarang Alcheon reported standing before Queens’s tomb. It was seen … Continue reading

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       In theory – lots of free time. Practically – few hours by night. But drama summer looks interesting enough to give up the sleep. Few dramas that started in spring or late spring will continue, of course, but … Continue reading

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Gyebaek – first interview

From this interview I have the sense more of taeha than sageuk, but I do hope it won’t be the former. I mean, I don’t mind it, but sageuk is more watchable anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Yi … Continue reading

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Summer Drama

   I may say that, right? Summer… eh, summer… Some may think I have tons of free time to spare, because I’m rewatching few drama. Well, it’s not like that, but when I feel like the current ones are in … Continue reading

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Omo, oh noez!!

     If Yi Seojin wasn’t enough to make me vow to watch this drama (Gyebaek), the new addition to it will make me glued to the screen. Jeon Nomin, because it was him who was recently added to the … Continue reading

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