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Delispice is back!

I’m heppey! I was hopelessly waiting for any news, but this is a good news^^ Translation: allkpop One of Korea’s first-generation modern rock bands, Delispice, will be resuming activities after signing a contract with fellow rock band Vodka Rain’s company, … Continue reading

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The Beauty on the Backstreet of Old Capital Seoul

This is a title for a 3-part docu-drama about Joseon period. History+me=wild excitement. First episode will be soon on DA.All parts are on DA. Soon another back-up. And about the show: History has never ceased to inspire. Folk painters like Kim … Continue reading

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Again music and videos

       In Movie World, at the beginning, there was a comparison of few similar scenes in movie pairs. First pair was Glove and Silmido. And the second – Take Off and The Chaser. Don’t have to explain who linked … Continue reading

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       I was thinking (yes, it happens sometimes to me. Extremely painful. Kids, don’t do that at home!) of my lost chances in life. But instead of depressing myself and reaching Mariana Trench of self-esteem piercing, I looked down … Continue reading

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SKKS – Oricon

A good drama is a good drama. Period. SKKS DVD has topped in first five n Oricon charts. Plus some news on JYJ? Their tour has started (Taipei) and from what I read thousands of fans watched the first concert. … Continue reading

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Yucheon… errm… JYJ videos

OK, let me… collect… my… thoughts. I found super extra HD of the commercial… Truth be told, this CF is making some waves out there. Not as high as marriage-divorce scandal of someone else, but…And yes, the CF has absolutely … Continue reading

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Secret marriage, secret talent

   All Korean websites are buzzing today with news on Yi Jiah and Seo Taiji divorce. Why? Because no one even knew they were married. Getting any other news is not that easy today.  Divorce aside, it happens, but keeping … Continue reading

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