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Some music

   Since I have tons of work to do, it’s more than certain I will be writing a post and trolling youtube. But I’m so fed up with classes, presentations, preparations, tests, reports etc. that a sheer thought about making … Continue reading

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Gentleman’s Dignity OST

There is a small misunderstanding. Some deaf users around are writing that when hearing this song in this drama, they thought it was Jonghyeon. I really like Kim Taewu, but to confuse those two gentlemen (erhm… one is flairing up … Continue reading

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Come to the fandom they said…

Back in the days, when I was a fair maiden, I had no PC, no internet, but my heart was that of a fangirl always. I think everyone had such period in their life. Back in the 80’s or 90’s … Continue reading

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In The Summer

   OK, I decided this song deserves a separated post because of its awesomeness. I’m waiting eagerly for INFINITIZE so I could fangirl over the booklet and I’m waiting for a hidden message:P I absolutely love everything about this album, … Continue reading

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Chunlips served

These lips made me lose focus completely. And since tumblr hates me when I try to upload files, fine, another solution. Episode 17 compilation of Chunnie’s lovely, pink, full lips.Image heavy, open on your own risk. Chunderp included, free of … Continue reading

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Queen In-hyeon’s Man again

   tvN uploaded an official video called actually Parody MV – Kim Byungdo-ache. Oh, you know about them nomenclature in kdrama world. Character name+ache, as if it was some maladie. Maybe it is, because QIHM is reaching peaks of insane … Continue reading

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Hallyu future?

We’ve been saying this for some time now. K-entertainment needs a change, dramas need new ideas (main station dramas, somehow cable is doing just fine), Kpop needs new visuals. I’m not saying every drama should look from now on like … Continue reading

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